does the last 7-8 weeks go fast

hi ya i just wanted to know if any of u thought the last few weeks wet fast as im getting really uncomfortable and impatient now as this is like going over due 4 me as i usually deliver at 30 weeks lol im now 31 weeks+ 2 days xx


  • oh hun sorry your feeling uncomfortable I usually do throughout pregnancy really and remembered getting very uncomfortable and tbh miserable in the last month of pregnancy but I honestly cant remember if it went quick or not. It was just over 3 years ago. Im 21 weeks pregnant with no.2 and already im getting backaches but have all that uncomfort to look forward to. Worth it in the end though hehe!
    How many children have you had?

    fiona & ellabump
    21 weeks today!! xXx
  • he he this is my 4th and last lol
  • this is my 4th and last! and well it is dragging a bit now i am almost 38 weeks so just over 2 weeks to go and it feels like forever!!
  • I've said this before and i'll say it again. we women aren't pregnant for nine months we're pregnant for 8 months and 3years lol of so it feels to me.
    Jo xxx
  • No it drags like nothing has dragged before ! I'm 38+3 but still feels like I have a lifetime to go before I get to meet my daughter ! I think its knowing that I may only have a week and a half till my due date, but that I could have another 2 weeks to go after that !
    Really feel like i've been pregnant forever !!

  • im 6 weeks off my due date and cant wait to have our baby..but at the same time i feel like i dont want to wish my last few weeks of pregnancy away. I have 2 weeks left at work which i think will go by fast as it will keep me busy, but once i finish i think it might start to drag....ill have to take up knitting or something lol

    bailey_b 34 +1
  • its still going quickly for me at the mo thats probs because im decorating my girls bedroom and finishing my to do lists before baby comes im sure as soon as ive finished everything it will go very slowly im already bigger than i was with my other 2 so not sleeping well and am uncomfy alot of the time too i dread the last few weeks
    claire x
  • well im haveing her at 38 weeks im 31+3 now but i tell u iv ad enuff now i think its cos im a single mom now and copeing on my own with 3 other kids and im rushing round doing everything in the house i have only just sat down i bin on the go since 8 thismorning and am exhausted i ent stopped midwife came out today cos i have to have checks 3 times a week and told me off cos im doing to much lol and told my kids to help mommy more and stop giveing me hassle lol did they listen ummmmmmmmmmm no xx
  • its dragged and dragged for me but thats cause of my health problems. and i've only got 2 days to go till due date but doubt baby will come on time!

  • I think mine is going quite fast but only cause I have appointments every other day or so so it seems to be going rather quick. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow and the past 4 weeks or so have flown past! actually the past 9 months have flown!
  • I feel like mine is flying by so far im 33+1. Im on maternity leave now so I guess it will start to go more slowly. I have started sorting stuff now so I feel ready its just a case of resting and relaxing

    take care

  • its goes quick at first im 32 weeks pregnant and now seems like forevr ...i wish she cud be born now then im scared cos i dont want any harm 2 be caused
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