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Anyone still not had sex since bfp?

or is it just me? I just haven't dared yet, dont ask me why bcoz i really want too. My poor gorgeous hubby said he doesnt mind but i do want to im just worried i dont even know what of, and think ive said this before but maybe tonigh is the
Ive got to at somepoint and who knows i might love it and want it all the time haha

Anyone else like this as well? xx

N x



  • yup im the same.... im 27 weeks n we have had sex a handful of times- as we r both nervous!!! its im so relieved oh feels the same!
  • Im 23 weeks today and we have once since our bfp.....poor hubby! x
  • Im 26weeks 2day and have had sex only the once since bfp. I do feel bad for my OH, its not that i dont want to it just isnt happening. We are going out for a nice meal 2night so maybe it will happen later ;\)

  • Does it feel different to before you were pregnant? ive heard you get the best 'O' when pregnant so feel like im missing out lol
  • 26+3 and not done it at all (properly, lol) since BFP!! x
  • 31+5 and had sex maybe once a month if that..... feel really bad for hubby - he didnt even get sex on our wedding night! for me its be 50/50 either my backs hurting or im not in the mood at all, or I am in the mood but it still seems odd.......... x
  • I'm 32 weeks today and we've done it a handful of times!

    We agreed not too until we had got past the 12-week stage and then after that, I've not really been in the mood and hubby has also not wanted to because he find it a bit weird with baby Angus being near there! He says the old joke about him poking the baby's head and I'm like "its not that big honey!" :lol:

    He's asked for it a lot more lately - but that's 'cos he's desperate for the baby to come out and knows sex can sometimes help!!! But my yoga teacher said last night it has barely any effect until your labour is imminent anyway!!!

  • we haven't either but thats down to him, as he doesn't want to hurt the baby ( i told him he won't/can't but). don't get me wrong i have TRIED really hard to encourage him but it doesn't work LOL

  • i feel a bit better now image still think i will give it a go though image
    xx image
  • I am only 5 weeks and have told hubby he is on a sex ban until the 12 weeks even then I will be too scared! xx

  • Hi,

    I hadn't done it since bfp but i have been suffering from bleeding and brown discharge on and off. Although last night was the first night!!
    It felt different for me but in a good way!!

    Sarah 13+6 xx
  • We haven't. We decided not to until after 12 weeks but we're 13 weeks now and I'm still not even thinking about it. Hubby seems OK - we have done other things (TMI sorry)!

    Hopefully I'll get the courage soon as I do miss it!!

  • We haven't. We agreed not until after 12 weeks.
    Well, I'm 12 weeks today and too scared. Might say leave it until 14 weeks now...! x
  • I had a heavy bleed after sex at about 9 weeks, frightened the life out of me.
    We waited til after scan and tried again at about 15 weeks it wasnt the most enjoyable as I was really nervous but everything was fine and we have done it once more since then. Ive found some mornings I wake up gagging for it!!!
  • well i feel like a freak now because my sex drive went through the roof and i love it even now my bump is the size of god knows what! i cant get enough, xx lol

    chgloe 34+2
  • i'm 36+2 and not had any! not for the lack of me trying, but my fiance is one of those blokes that get freaked out by the idea! so no sex for me to help the labour started!
  • I can't believe there's so many of you who haven't!
    We've still been having sex but not as much as oh would like! Its starting to slow down a bit now as I'm getting bigger it just seems too much hassle, plus I'm always either tired or got back ache!
    Just go for it newlook! Oh and I don't think orgasms are any better than before lol.
  • I am 36 weeks pregnant and have had sex once during pregnancy!!!!!

    It feels wierd the baby moving ect........ my oh really wants to but i don't, poor thing he is so patiant! lol

    danielle 36
  • haha well didnt happen last night we were both shattered, maybe tonight will be the night lol xx
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