TMI - Way Too much discharge!

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to know if anyone else is getting the same and what can be done about it apart from wearing Bridget sized Granny knickers?

It doens't smell of anything and is creamy is colour and texture I think this is normal for my stage of pregnancy. I just hate feeling 'wet' all the time and I have to keep changing pants and wiping myself -it's horrible.

Sorry for TMI.

Cheers, Karys xxx


  • Could it be that you have thrush or vaginal bacteriosis?
    Get yourself down to your GPs they might be able to help you if it is something like that you've got. They're both really common in pregnancy;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Hi Karys have found this too over the last couple of weeks, just using panty liners so that I feel fresh! Think its just one of those things. Tammi xxx
    33.6 wks
  • I also have quite a lot of discharge and I def don't have thrush or bacterial vaginosis happliy. I wear pantliners to keep fresh and change a couple of times a day. Like you mine is white and creamy in texture. On a couple of occasions it has run down my leg when I'm getting off the loo (nice!). I think its just normal for some women. I have been tested as I've had loads of problems with bleeding etc so def not a medical problem for me. I know what you mean about feeling wet though, the joys of pregnancy eh!

  • I hope I haven't got an infection! I've never had any kind of infection down there before.

    Sorry I meant creamy in colour (sort of cloudy white) and it's the same texture as snot, just really runny.

  • It's perfectly normal Karys, as long as it doesn't smell or itch (eugh!). One of the not-so-nice symptoms of pregnancy! xxxx

  • I have exactly the same thing and I'm also 33 weeks it's just one of those pregnancy things but it's yukky!

  • Good at least I know it's normal. Will have to nip out later for some panty liners then!!


  • I have this too and had to wear pantyliners from 4 weeks! Im now 18 weeks and its getting very annoying lol but not an infection xx
  • I've had the same, sometimes it feels like I've actually wet myself, it's gross. Its perfectly normal apparently x
  • Yep everyone is right. I think it is called Leukoheorrea and is perfectly normal during pregnancy and doesn't subside at all usually, so it is just one of those things. Pantyliners all the way to keep you fresh!!

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