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old wifes tails

I was just wondering what people have been told,when other people are trying to guess what they are having and if they actually I have been told:

all weight on bum for a boy & all front for a girl
crave carrotts for a girl & peas if its a boy
nose swells with girls and dosnt with boys
does any of you know any more.just for fun


  • I was told that Heartburn is caused by the baby growing hair!
  • i was told that craving sweet foods meant a girl and savory foods for a boy. its not true tho, with my first i couldnt stop eating coco pops, as soon as i had my little boy i hated them! and with my pregnancy now i crave chocolate, i get the shakes and get stressed if i havent got any!! im having another boy, so this theory isnt true!! xx
  • i heard that heart burn is from the baby growin dark hair hahaha.
  • my nan tole me to not let the cat sit on my lap as my baby will be furry, i think that one is the most bizarre!
    i heard about the heartburn that baby has lots of hair! Ive been told so many old wives tales you wouldnt believe, and the famous ones like not having pram or cot in the house til baby is born etc. . x
  • hahaha think im gonna have a furry baby then!
  • My friend said to me last night about heartburn and hair growth. I must admit I looked at her as though she was mental.
    At this rate I'll be giving birth to a baby yeti!!
  • these are all funny... i was told that all out front for a boy and big bum also ... my friend got her 'pendulam'thingy out on me and said it was a girl so did my stars and everyone i know thinks i look like its a girl ............ well i know its a boy we found out at our 20 wk scan so dont rely on them too much !!x
  • I had heartburn with all my pregnancies and all my babies were completely bald! It is worse with this one so im hoping for one with a bit of hair!
  • oh just too say bum not that big !
  • I haven't had any heartburn but am expecting a hairy baby as my husband was born absolutely covered in it - so much so that there are no newborn pics of him! Bless - it will be cute like a little monkey!
    The other factor people use to tell me what sex I'm having is that I'm still being sick at 32 weeks so most people say that means a girl - I wish I'd written down everyone's guesses/reasons from the start.
    Did you know that if you get hypnotised you can apparently quite accurately predict your babies sex?!
  • i had heartburn far worse with a girl but my friend is the opposite,i carry boys bigger than girls,but thankfully not in my bum still lol the only main differences i have noticed was more sickness with girl and this time(with boy) the hairs on my legs grow alot lot slower! thats bout it! and his heart sounds like a train where as my daughters was like a galloping horse, hope this helps!!! as for how fast the heart beat is, i was said to be having another girl as he has fast heart rate but is deffo a boy!!! xx
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