Aches & Pains ! !


Jus wondered what sort of aches and pains everyone's had at about 15 weeks. At the moment i'm getting loads of short sharp pains underneath where my belly starts to stick out. Also to the left and right by my hips i get pains. At night i have to move very carfully when i'm lying down otherwise the pain on my right is really bad, same when i sneeze. Get a bit of belly ache aswell.

I'm guessing it's all to do with everything stretching and moving about so hoping it's normal??

How's everyones elses twinges and pains?

Jules x x x


  • Hello Jules, I'm 13+5 and am getting twinges, sometimes quite sharp, in the low tummy and tops of legs / hip area. It can be v sharp if I sit up quickly or leap out of a chair - which is when I remember I'm pregnant - doh!

    The ladies on here describing SPD sound to have a lot worse hip pain and specific things set it off, like stairs, which isn't what I'm having so touch wood!

    Take it easy! xx
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