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hay girls

i only have 5 weeks left today and i no left a bit late but wondered what to wriet in my birth plan i got some ideas down but not sure if its enough any one else done or stuck on what to put in theres ???



  • hi i did a birth plan with my other 3 babies, and well one out of 3 aint bad i suppose!! only got what i had planned for my 2nd!! im on my 4th and i think i am just gonna go with the flow!! xx good luck xx
  • i decided agains it with my last two and aslo with this little one as i know that if i had a plan and things started to change from the plan that i would start to become more panicked and freek out x
  • hi,

    i think there is the potential that any birth plan can change. and i have heard some midwives dont even look at them. but there are certain things if you feel strongly about you could mention anyway.

    i have 3 and half weeks left and have yet to do one. but i will be writing a few ideas down.

    -i dont want an epidural or morphine/pethadine but would like to be offered it if required.
    -i want baby delivered straight to my chest and not cleaned first
    -i want my partner to cut the cord
    -vitamin k given to baby by injection, not orally.

    other things i will include when i decided will be- i haven't found out the sex of my baby so will write whether i want the midwife to tell me or to find out ourselves when baby passed to us. if i want to have the injection to speed up delivery of placenta or if i want to let it delivery naturally.

    i am sure i will think of other things but for me they are the main issues i want control over.

    good luck with it.

    kate 36+3
  • well ive now decided to write one just in case and ill decxided at the time wether ill use it or go with the flow image thanks for advice ladies

  • i have got one, but mainly because i like writing things down! i no what i do want and dont want-hopfully!!!! so i will remember anyway and so does OH/MUM who will be at birth. if they want copy i will give them one if not like i say i no what i want and am aware that i no things can change these plans anyway.
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