how did you start labour

what have people tried and what seemed to work?
i defo cant bare the thought of going overdue let alone the next three weeks lol.


  • we were 9 days early with our two but have heard something about eating pineapple? might be an old wives tale? sex, curries????? etc...LOL! Chelle x
  • they say that sperm softens the cervix! thats all my midwife told me 2 do even tho it is uncomfy so far gone if not drink pineapple juice brought on my labour.xx
  • have been drinking that raspberry leaf tea but its vile. attempted sex this afternoon but not comfy in the slightest. lol felt sorry for dp there. x

  • SEX SEX SEX! LOL. We had sex every night for a week and my lo came 11 days early! xxx
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