Special gift for Daddy!

Hi all

I want to get hubby a special gift when Angus is born to thank him for everything he's done for me during the pregnancy, something really different and lovely!

Any ideas? And where did you get the gift from so I know where to look!

One idea I've thought of is a company called 'little prints' or something like that... they do baby and children's finger-prints and then cast them into silver to make charms, keyrings etc, - they are adorable!

Joo xxx


  • what a lovely idea.

    Perhaps buy hims a baby and dad photodhoot, you know the ones where there do dad and baby in black and white on bare skin, get it for all three of you. That would be a lasting memory? x
  • Joo I love your idea, I'll have to look at their site. I'm forever buying hubby keyrings so I could get him one which would have so much more meaning.
    I also love the black and white shots (see avatar!) I want a shot of hubby hands holding our bubba, His hands are so big! xxx

    Cat 15+3
  • I've used www.tinytreasures.co.uk for finger print jewellery and they were fantstic. The jewellery itself was better quality than some of the other companies I looked at and the prints were lovely and clear. They have just started doing stuff with foot and hand prints as well.
  • Can anyone recommend a company which makes matching dad and baby t-shirts? It's my DH's bday about 3 weeks before piglet is due and I want to get him something like that...

    Cxx + blue bump 33+0
  • I've seen a company that make matching tee-shirts with stuff pre-printed. I think it was "not on the high street" dot com... but can't be certain!

    Joo xxx
  • A great company called www.Nappyhead.co.uk are brilliant for t-shirts!
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