Perineal massage - nice!

Hi Girls,

I'm now almost 32wks and have read that it's a good idea to start this in the next few weeks. I'm just wondering if those of you who've given birth before & have done this think it's a good idea and have any tips (sorry!) ? It sounds a bit squeamish but if it helps reduce the risk of tearing then I'm def prepared to give it a go! I've heard Almond Oil is the best to use...x


  • i had heard this too but didn't attempt it myself the the oh was keen to give it a go! when i told my mw thou she told me its was a load of rubbish as it all depends on how the bub comes out how u push etc and that if ur going to tear u will- sorry if that not much help but i think if u want to sofner the area with creams etc there's no harm in trying. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hiya, My NCT teacher suggested giving this a go. There is no medical evidence that it does OR doesnt work. (as no research has been done into it as yet). I tried it (i was told to use olive oil) as was willing to try anything to not tear. Its also really important to listen to the mw when the baby starts to crown.. she'll tell you when to slow down with the pushing to try and lessen any tearing. I dont know if the massaging helped but i didnt tear. I'll def be massaging again if i ever have another bub!
  • Hi!
    I am a midwife and I think that if you can do something that might reduce the risk of tearing - go for it!!
    What you need to do is massage the area between you front and back passage, you are meant to do it in circular motions as this increases the blood flow to the area.
    Good luck.
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