pregnant.. again..

I have a 9 month old beautiful baby boy, I'm still breast feeding him, I had a period 3 weeks ago and I'm on the pill.. and Pregnant..! confirmed yesterday.
I'm really worried as I havent prepared for this at all, I've been drinking lots, not eating so healthy and I've had a period??? I'm awaiting for the phone to ring with scan date which doc is arranging for asap..
I'm hoping I'm very early pregnant so I can start to look after the 2 of us, but I'm worried its too early for another baba aswell..???


  • I have spoken to OH about this because appeantly your REALLY fertile right after you have a child - and it took us ages to concevice... dont really have any advice didnt want to read and run! if you are a bit further along than you think i wouldn't worry because loads of people drink and eat rubbish before they know they are pregnant - i know you may still feel guilty but you cant live your life thinking i wont drink because i may not know i'm pregnant! Now you know you can choose to look after yourself better!
    It is a bit early but people do manage although of course its harder! Maybe its ment to be...

    how are feeling about it all? xx
  • Hi Marie.

    I couldn't just pass through without posting. Don't get online very often any more.

    How are you feeling? Try not to worry about eating and drinking. Many women do before they confirm pregnancy. As IMBL as said if it's happened then it must be. How does OH feel about it?

    Try not to worry yourself too much until dates etc are confirmed. Look after yourself and enjoy little Chester. How's he getting on?

    As I don't log in as often If you want to chat you can e-mail me
    ([email protected]).

    Let me know how you get on and take care.

    Sab x
  • Hi, and thanks, my OH is thrilled.. and we'v just bought a new bigger house so mayb it was meant to be. Started my folic tablets today, been to see doctor n she is sending me for an early scan to see how far along I am, in some ways I hope I'm 8 weeks or more, in other ways I want it 2 b early so I can look after us, coming round to the idea, kind of.. Get the steriliser back out of the cupboard.!
    Sab, lovely to hear from you, I'll email u.. Chester is fab, standing, talking, into everything. Hows William coming along?
  • hey hun,
    just wanted to say -
    don't worry yourself about the drink. when i was 16 one of my best friends got pregnant, she was a real party animal, drink, drugs, fags the lot. she didn't find out she was pregnant until she was 4 months gone, but gave up all the bad stuff the minute she found out, just the occasional half-glass after, and gave birth to a gorgeous healthy normal size baby girl. and they're still doing great now!
    and as for your lo-to-be - firstly congratulations! and remember that by the time they're born your lo could be anything from 15 to 18 months... certainly not unmanageable, quite common age gap between siblings in my experience...
    so good luck with everything!
  • Wish you lots of luck and many congrats on top too!!

    My 1st 2 are only 10 months apart (Nov 2000 & Sept 2001) and we still went on to no's 3 & 4 (2004 & 2007)!!!!!! image
  • Thanks, just waiting eagerly for my scan now..see how far along I am..
  • hi marie congratulations.. am sure you will be fine.. i have a 5 month old and have just found out i am pregnant again and have got no idea how pregnant so have not been looking after both of us! I am just keeping my fingers crossed and trying to get into the docs asap.. am sure you will be fine but i will keep my fingers crossed for both of us x x x
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