Rant about Idiots at work!

I recieved this email upon getting into work today -


I cannot believe that anybody could be as thoughtless and inconsiderate as to block a colleagues car in the car park and go off in the van leaving me totally unable to get my car out. I started work at 8.45 yesterday and was not impressed when trying to leave at 6.10 that I could not get out of the car park. As I am first in in the morning I park in the far corner to maximise space for others, but expect them to do me the courtesy of making sure I can leave! You know I am upstairs, or can be easily reached on the phone to come and swap cars over - there was absolutely no need for this. I needed my car last night , so leaving it was not an option. Luckily eventually someone moved from the Maydew car park , so with great difficulty I was able to turn sideways and get out this way but in the process damaged the car - so now have a repair bill due to your lack of consideration of others. Due to the delay I was late for an appointment which inconvenienced several other people.

I suggest that if you wish to use the staff car park you park with more consideration for others and please do not under any circumstances block me or anyone else in again.


I am fuming!! its so rude!! :x

I replied by saying!


I firstly would like to point out that under no circumstances would I have blocked you in intentionally or deliberately that the car park was busy and perhaps it was a slight over sight on my behalf that I hadn't realised that once all the cars were manoeuvring it may have been difficult for anyone car to get out - I did not think -I know I'll block a car in to make things difficult for them' if I parked in a difficult place I am sorry for that.

However, I am incensed at your pure and utter abrupt rudeness of email I faced upon entering work this afternoon. I have had several pleasant conversations with you to date and you as a manager will be aware that we do have work mobile phones and at no point did you attempt to contact me to request that I move my car. Nor did you attempt to contact Fokrul to request my car to be moved - which upon receiving of course I would have move it out of the way.

I am actually quite angry at how you have put this email across it is aggressive and apportions blame...

If you have chosen instead to take ridiculous actions without even attempting to contact me and have damaged yours or another car I'm sorry to hear that but it was your choice. How dare you be so rude to me and accept so little responsibility for you own actions - the last convocation I had with you regarding motoring you were telling me about you or your husband jumping a red light and we involved in an accident because of doing so... and that you did not get into trouble for doing so purely for the fact that the motorist that you both crashed into was over the limit... How dare you lecture me!!

I am utterly disgusted in your un-professionalism and I suggest that you start to learn how to use your own common sense and perhaps rather than sending a nasty email after you, yourself has caused damage that it might be better in the future to pre-empt any difficulties. I would have also thought that working in the charity sector especially the learning disabilities that you would realise that people can make mistake and to be honest I am quite disappointed in your hostility and lack of capability to resolve this matter more amicably.

I will inform you that I am due to finish my contract shortly so after the 28th you can have more room in the car park!


I feel sooooo Much better for sending it! Augh I hate arsey people and finish work in less that a week and its a long bank holiday haha so not long left girls! :lol: was only doing a temp contract here and not that intrested in coming back (working for a charity has great feel good but poor money lol) being a kept woman instead! Checked with a bloke I work with I wasnt over reacting because of hormones but he said it was discusting and why didnt she come down stairs to talk to you or ask you to move! lol sorry for venting - she was rude tho... was she!? :roll:


  • Omg was she having a laugh!!??

    That sounds like, to me, that she was passing the blame over to you to make herself feel better for damaging the other car!

    Some people have nothing better to do than moan!
  • What a ruuuude email! I can't believe she didn't contact you and ask you to move, it's not like she couldn't contact you as you said. Anyway it's her own fault if she damaged her car, whether she was in a tight space or not! Glad you feel better for sending it, have you had a reply yet? Lol xxxx


  • oh dear....what a rude woman.
    sounds like somebody wants to take out her problems on the nearest person she can find.
    Well done for the reply too.

  • How stupid do you have to be to damage your own car? If my car wouldn't fit through a gap I wouldn't move it, end of story! How do people manage to get through life with so little common sense? She obviously doesn't get the whole idea of phones or not only would she have rung you, she would have rung the people she had an appointment with as well!
  • lol thanks Girls no responce as of yet but i will keep you up dated! x
  • Haha - good for you missy! I did wonder why she didn't come and ask you (or phone your extension) to move your car - rocket science it isn't doh!

    Let us know her response - bet she's thinking long and hard over this one!
  • Just to let you know I got no responce to my email!! haha was dying for one as well as I'm finished on friday! haha xx ahh well - i can be really childish and know IVE WON haha lol xx
  • Now I'm disapointed! I was looking forward to hearing what she had to say!
  • I cant wait to hear what her response is. WELL DONE. she sounds like a complete arse. i work with young adults with learning difficulties and i sometimes wonder how some of my colleagues made it through the door let alone end up in management positions.
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