After 12 weeks?

Hi i'm 13 + 2 today and i hardly think about me being pregnant it like i'm not pregnant at all as no symptoms anymore no feeling movement yet and 7 weeks till next scan. Only slightly bloated also so no defo bump. Bit concerned does anyone else feel like this or am i mad? What are the chances of anything being wrong after 12 week dating scan? I think i'm going crazy!


  • im only 10 weeks at mo but with my first after the sickness went i felt the same hun! hopefully itl only b a few weeks till u feel butterflys as i called them but untill then i didnt feel pregnant! thers nothing wrong its just the way it goes unless u want the sickness back? lol keep thinking positive hun good luck!xx
  • i agree, i do have aches and pains, feel kicking and my bump is starting to become very apparent but i honestly dont always feel pregnant which is very frustrating!i hope others see me as pregnant and not just fat!!lol.
    i also find it very frustrating the gap between appointments, by the time i see midwife again it has been 6 weeks since i last saw her! im very impatient though.
    i hope you feel better soon and things start and move on for you hun. xxx
  • Hey girls

    I'm 28+5 and I know what you guys are going through cause I was the same. To a point where I was calling NHS direct and asking them for help.

    Once you start feeling those light flutters and bubbly bits inside (round 16 weeks or so) everything will soon change. And when they start kicking harder or stretch. Then you will wish you didn't ask for it.

    It makes me wake up at night as well. And I was up until after 3 this morning and still got up for work at 7. You will start feeling it I promise.

    Just give it time. Give your little ones a chance!!!


  • Hi, Sounds like ur feeling completely normal for a pregnant woman. Im 23wks, have a huge bump, baby moving around non-stop, and i still dnt really feel pregnant. I think its our bodies way of just getting on with life. I think 9months wud b a long time to feel pregnant if that was the case. I wudnt worry and if uve had ur 12wk scan showing ur baby, they are not wrong honey. Just relax and enjoy getting on with ur life, sum women have a terrible time. Kerry xxx
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