Hi Ladies...remember me

Hi girls, I've not been on BE for ages as some may know me and hubby stopped ttc last year because of financial reasons, but we have just discovered we are expecting...it was a big shock and i'm still not sure its sunk in but we are happy because it feels like maybe it was meant to happen. I'm so pleased to see some of the girls that were still on the ttc forum are now on the pregnancy forum...yey!! and a big CONGRATULATIONS.
A happy and healthy 9 months or how ever long you may have to you all. I cant wait to catch up on all the goss and find out how everyone is doing
big kisses


  • congrats. its amazing how it happens when ur trying not to. its fate

  • congratulations image how far gone are you?

    Hannah 29+5 xxx
  • I remember you from ttc!! Congratulations! What a lovely suprise...

    Bec 24+6 x
  • Thank you girls
    Hi Goonie, how are you? Can you believe this!!! I hope your well and baby how far along are you?
    I'm not sure how far along i am, may be around 5 wks i havn't seen my doc yet to get a confirmed date, might buy the cbd cause that tells you how many wks u are.
  • Hi babyf3v3r, I remember you! Congratulations on your pregnancy, that's wonderful news!

    I am 20 weeks today and just had a scan yesterday to check all my little one's measurements. We got a clean bill of health and it was an amazing experience to see him/her snuggled up in there image.

    Heaps of luck to you hun.
  • Hi Astraad, so glad all is well with the baby, congratulations. Guessing you dont want to know what you are having. Are you showing yet?
  • Yes, I decided (after a lot of dithering!) not to find out the sex, even though my hubby wanted to know. I want to have the surprise when its born, plus it kind of feels like the baby's secret and I didn't want to be too nosy! :lol: And yep, I am definitely showing now! I have a nice little bump that I'm very proud of image
  • Yay get a cbd! I used one of those too and if you get a double pack you can use another one next week to see the weeks indicator change!

    I'm 5 and a half months now (25 weeks tomorrow!) and we're expecting a little boy! Most of the girls from ttc that were then when we were are over here now but there are a few left I am keeping my fingers very tightly crossed for!

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