uncomfortable bump

Hi girls

I have been really uncomfortable the last 3 days.. feel black and blue inside. No sharp pains but am really struuglin to walk up stairs or get to sleep coz my bump is so uncomfortable! I'm 20 wks today.. so should still be plenty of room in their 4 baby! Anyone else felt like this.. am starting to worry that this isn't normal?



  • hi, i know how you both feel, iv felt shattered for weeks and huge. i cant sleep properly and im only 20 +1 wk, im prayin bump is ok but if would like to make a slightly earlier apperance would be helpful.
  • Thanks girls.. was sure i was worryin ova nothing.. but you can't help yourself, can you?! I don't have my scan til 22wks so seems like ages since 16wk check up. Oh well as long as all our bumps are ok, i think i can put up with the discomfort! Thanks for putting my mind at rest! xxx
  • lol i feel huge and have trouble hugging OH now and have to lean over to hug him which doesn't help my back image i feel large and uncomfortable and also get sharp pains when baby kicks my nerves looks like i'm getting electrified when baby's on a roll as i jump from the shock each time lol zap zap zap image
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