advice please 11 days late

Hi, I finished taking my pill in January, had a normal for me 29 day cycle. Then I havent been on since. At 29 days I had the normal period pains for 5 days and was sure that was it but nothing. Now 11 days later, 3 negative tests and still nothing! Has anyone else has this type of experience when coming off the pill, could I be pregnant even though the tests are negative?

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  • morning hun.
    With my son I didn't get a positive on a home test. I knew I was pg though. The docs weren't convinced till I presented with a kidney infection. When they scanned my kidney and went to check the plumbing they found him all snuggled up.
    You could speak to yur docs and see if they'll do a blood test. It may just be lack of hormone.
    Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed.x
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