Hi Ladies

I have had really bad diahorrea since getting my BFP a few ago. Is this normal? Should I go to the doctors? Is there anything I can take?

Really sorry for the ot nice subject!


  • Hey hun 1 minute im constipated the next i cant stop going so dont worry about it - you should find it will stop soon and you will be wishing you could go when you can only go once a week if that! Its something to do with the pregnancy hormones relaxing all your muscles.



  • I am just the same hun I have IBS though but have had a very bad tummy since finding out. I think as long as you keep drinking lots it will be fine.

    K xx 11 weeks today
  • Yes totally normal. Its mostly the hormonal changes in your body and your uterus adapting and moving about preparing for your baby!


    Joo xxx
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