had enough

Thats it i have had enough now, theres no signs baby is going to come any time soon! I am due in 2 days.
I have just got back from taking lil un to school and its took me an hour!! (It usualy takes me 20 mins) if that.
I am in pain with SPD and the pains in my legs are excrutiating! So i am going to try the caster oil today, i know it works for some and not others but i am prepared to give any thing a try now.
Sorry i just had to have a rant, and any advice on this is greatly appreciated.


  • Oh bless you honey I know exactly how you feel! I am now over a week overdue and no sign that my little lady wants to come out! It is the most frustrating thing in the world and all everyone says is 'baby will come when its ready'! Arghhhh!
    I really would advise against castor oil though, my friend is a midwife and she says that it makes you very dehydrated and gives you a bad bad stomach plus it tastes terrible! You wouldnt want to get dehydrated and ill if you went into labour. Believe me I have tried EVERYTHING to get this baby out but that is the only thing I am not willing to risk.
    You take care and put your feet up.
  • Well i wont try the caster oil!! I cant get it from anywere. the chemists say dont sell it any more x
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