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Well I am currently 5+1 and thinking ahead we are thinkin that all going well we will want to go on holiday in april or may so as to have a nice rest before the baby comes in september, before i am too big and to have our last holiday just the 2 of us.
so the dilemma is do i book april or may?
in april i will be 16+2 when we go
or in may will be 21+2 when we go.

having not been pregnant before i do not know if going on a flight to a warm country will be too much at 21+2?
any advice from anyone who is that far gone or has been that far gone before?

should i also be worried about if anything goes wrong at that point that i will be in a foreign country??



  • Where are you planning on going? Goonie went to Mexico at 17-18 weeks and found the flight a bit much I think.

    I'm planning on going to Portugal when I will be 31 weeks (for which I would need a doc's note to fly) and I think it is really important to get the right insurace so I will be going through a broker for this rather than picking one off the net which I usually do. Also, my MW told me to wear the DVT stockings- sexy!

    11+6 x
  • Hi!

    I went to Mexico when I was 17+4 and found the flight a real struggle. It was our honeymoon though (hubby had to go to Iraq 5 days after our wedding) and had been booked for months, otherwise I wouldn't have gone.

    I think if you are going short haul you'd find it much easier as you also wouldn't have a time difference to contend with which threw me even further! We missed dinner alot of the time because I slept through it!

    I took my doppler with me so I could listen to the babys heartbeat daily and I wore support stockings on the plane too. I am worrier though and it meant I didn't enjoy the holiday as much as I could have.

    Good luck deciding what to do! x

  • I went to Orlando, Florida at 17+1 weeks and flew back at 18+2 weeks. The flight was totally fine, I didn't have any problems at all - well apart from constant toilet trips!!!

    I wore flight socks - they are a MUST. My feet and ankles ALWAYS swell on flights and after this flight they were fine, no swelling at all. I drank plenty of water and juices and walked around the cabin as much as I could.

    It was about 9hrs I think?

    I didn't have any issues with going when pregnant - apart from getting more tired, but I think that was also to do with me being anaemic and not on my tablets at the time.

    We went to and stayed in Disney, so lots of theme parks and walking. I probably didn't drink as much as I could but it wasn't boiling hot so that was OK. We just took regular breaks to sit down and ate lots of smaller meals and snacks throughout the day.

    Mostly, we were in bed and asleep by 8pm though!!! LOL

    Have a FAB holiday!

    Joo xxx
  • In addition to what Joo has said, the heat was fine and very welcome. I didn't sunbath as I was conscious of my 'bump' but I did love going in the sea and generally doing not a lot! Our flight was 11 hours on the way there and I personally found it too much x
  • I went to Tenerriff when I was 16/17 weeks. Flying from Aberdeen took 7 hours (the runway is too short to take a full tank of fuel so had to stop in Spain). I found it no worse than usual. The heat when there was really draining and I got really badly sun burnt on the first day dispite being extra careful. Knowing all this I would still have gone tho!

  • Supposedly the best time to fly is between 14-27 weeks in your second trimester.

    You have the least risk of miscarrying (unlike the first trimester) and you have the least risk of going into early labour (as in the 3rd trimester)

    Additionally you will be feeling at your best during the second trimester, with early symptoms (such as morning sickness and extreme tiredness) having hopefully worn off and the later tiredness and discomfort you get in the third trimester won't have started yet.

    Some airlines won't take you after 28weeks due to the risk of early labour.

    So in answer to your question, you will be fine in April or May.

    Hope that helps.

    Niblett xxxxx
  • well if you are suffering badly from morning sickness it may not have gone by the time you are 16/17 weeks so i would say book may as there is more chance it will have gone by 21 weeks... my sickness lasted till i was 18 weeks! we have booked to go to Turkey (my nans villa) when i will be 24 weeks and my MW said that the best time to go, just make sure you tell the insurance people know your pregnant and wear flight socks etc.

  • Hi!
    I went to Egypt on a 5hr flight when I was 18wks and flew home when I was 20wks. Personally I wouldnt have gone much later than 18wks as after the 20wk point I started to get a decent bump and parts of my body started to swell (lol!) but found the break well worth it as it was our last chance to enjoy each others company without there being 3of us! The temp in Egypt was over 100 degrees and I coped fine as only wore bikini all day and made the most of the pool! The flight was fine just drink lots of water and get up for a few walks up and down the cabin, I also wore flight socks.
    Take care and enjoy the break!
    36wks pg.
  • I went to Mallorca at 18 weeks, flight was perfect length and the only problem I had was swollen legs... however was on my feet for a whole day with no rest in the heat coz I was chief bridesmaid at my best friends wedding. Break really made me feel good, I just avoided sunbathing with my bump on show because my midwife had advised me not to expose it the rays.
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