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9+1- more bleeding

I had an early scan 2wks ago coz i had a bit of bleeding (red blood) and all was fine, saw heartbeat. Then last night i went to the loo and there was loads of red blood, i instantly paniced, then it became lighter but theres more again tomorrow, have another scan booked for friday.

All this is so draining, i naively thought that once i was preg all would be ok and i would be on cloud 9 but i'm so worried i cant relax, i'm so scared somethings gonna go wrong. I dont have pain at all but i am still bleeding!



  • Ah hun didnt want to read and run and just wanted to say I had quite a bit of bleding before 12 weeks and I'm not 23 weeks with a lovely little girl so try and stay positive and keep us updated xx
  • hiya try and keep posotive i hope wil be ok you could be getting this bleeding because of your blood group witch means you will need the anti d jab my neice had this and now has a little girl . stay as relaxed as you can and keep your chin up be thinking of you x
  • i am negative blood group so will need anti d - dont know if its related x
  • I had a similar experience jess, I wouldnt say it was full on bleeding but I had some spotting at 6wks and again at 9wks.

    Iv got everything crossed that all is well sugar, its a really good sign that you have seen a heartbeat already XX
  • I'm also negative and had anti-d fairly early on. Shouldnt be the reason for the bleed though. You just need a few more later on nearer due date xx
  • Becky&baby, did you have your Anti-d after an early bleed?

    I've had 4 early bleeds now and not been given an Andti-d but i'm booked in for one at 28 weeks x
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