Anyone else measuring bigger than their dates?

I have been noticing that my belly is looking more and more rounded, but for some reason thought that it was too early to have a bump,and had pressume it was me laying down fat! However over the weekend people have really started to say that I look very pregnant.
Today I went for my 16w check and no wonder I look pregnant, my uterus position and size is nearer to 19w than 16! This could be because a small fibroid that I have is growing or I could need to prepare myself for a whopper!!!
Either way it explains the sudden bump!
Has anyone else been measuring this much bigger so early?
rx 16w


  • I am, and too be honest people's comments are really starting to get me down. Even my midwife commented on my "large" baby yesterday, which made me more nervous then I am already am. Im measuring 2 wks ahead, which im told is nothing to wrry about, however my bump when I stand is really massive (when I lie down, some fat does disperse down the sides!). Ive had "not long to go now" from being 20 wks pregnant!! Try not to worry hun, I just keep remembering a friend of mine having a 10lb 4oz baby and her saying that her labour was a piece of cake

    36 wks
  • at 28 weeks i was measuring 29 then at 32wks i was measuring 34. i gave birth to dd at 32+5wks when midwife measured me when i was in labour i was measureing 35wks. when dd was born she was 4lb 11oz which considering she was nealry 8 weeks early was a really good size
  • Thanks girls its good to hear that I am not alone in this. I really want to have a home birth and so hope that the baby doesn't get too big! I suppose that it might be an early growth spurt! Saying that my birth weight was 9,7 and my brother was 10,4. My sister has had 4 babies between 8,5 and 10,5 lbs so small babies seem not to be in my family!
  • on my first pregnancy i was always 2 wks in front,on this pregnancy the mw said i was big for my dates but i dont know if she measured me as a singleton baby or me having twins,i forgot how many cm they add on when your having twins will see what happens on my next mw visit in 4wks


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