1st Midwife Apt

Could I also ask at what point did you attend your 1st midwifery appointment? My GP is saying 12 weeks but last time I had my appointment at about 8 weeks....also at what point do you have your 1st scan?


Selina ;\)


  • It varies depending on docs and midwifes but i 1st saw midwife at 10 weeks and then she gave me date for scan at 12 weeks. I also saw doc at 8 weeks tho as at 6weeks they did a test to confirm the pregnancy.

    Hope this helps!


  • Hi Hun,

    I seen my midwife at 8 weeks and she forwarded my maternity notes on to the hospital ready for my 12 weeks scan. I had to take a urine sample and she took blood for various test. Although she forgot to do a sugar test and I had to have that done the day I had my scan.

    I was told its normal to see her at about 10 weeks.

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