Prams off ebay

HI everyone

Was jst wonderin if anyone has bought a travel system or pram off e bay, and whether u had ne problems, i know all sellers r different but was jst wanted to know ne1s experiences of them. Cos there are loads of lovely prams and travel systems at much cheaper prices than in the shops, and some of them say they're brand new or hardly been used so was thinkin if it mite b worth gettin 1

Thanks a lot

Lizzy xxx


  • i bought a baby cot for my mate (wel i ordered it coz her dad couldnt use the internet, and she didnt have any problems with her cot. it was a bit funny seeing her OH 34yr old man trying to assemble it doh. lol
  • Thanks for the reassurance, think will look into it a bit more closer to the time. Good to know people have had good experiences tho. Thank you
  • I bought a great graco travel system from ebay that was like brand new for only ??27 - included the car seat, cosy toes, soft seat liner and outer footmuff/apron with raincovers etc it was only a few miles away so instead of paying extra for delivery we went and picked it up! Even the woman said you've got a good bargain there - but she needed the space (a bit of a pram crazy).

    It's worth a look, but at the top left adjust the search bar so that it looks for ones nearby in your area so you can save on postage.
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