does anyone still have periods when pg?

Hi im from ttc board.
I have just had my period but it was 13days late and I thought i was pg. For nearly 2wks I have been feeling very nauseas and very hungry. It hasnt gone since af arrived so i spoke to my doc this morning and he told me there is a possibility i am pg or I had a mc but symptoms are carrying on so take a test in a week.
Would like to know if anyone has experienced this?
thanks x


  • A friend of mine had periods thoughout and many negative tests so was convinced she wasn't pregnant until she went into labour!! scary. and this happened twice!
  • Joanne83 / Lisajo - did you /friend have any morning sickness even if it was just nausea?
  • the only thing my friend had was feeling really sick after she had had a drink!!
  • Hi - I bled during my first 3 months of pregnancy and if I hadn't tested early I guess it could have been mistaken for periods. They were VERY light though, and all over the place! I did experience sickness as well. Was the period you had any different then usual? xxxxx

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