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I'm new on here and after a bit of advice! I'm not confirmed pregnant yet, taking a test in the morning after I had what I think was implantation bleeding last week. Since then I have been having many of the normal symptoms. Not sure if I will show up as positive even if I am as my period is not due until next week.

So I feel really strange & I feel even worse because I keep thinking it might be in my head!!!! Do you think it's possible to "imagine" symptoms because it's what you're thinking about or should I listen to my body?



  • Hi hon,

    I think it's really hard as everyone has different symptoms at different times. I had more symptoms the months I wasn't pg than when i was, but you may be totally different.

    Good Luck, hope it's a bfp for you xx
  • I got my BFP yesterday evening but was convinced AF was about to arrive. My symptoms were very sore b00bs and feeling a bit off and tired and a bit bloated, but I put all this down to AF symptoms as I usually feel like this. I became convinced I was pregnant about an hour before I tested and that was only because I was wearing a tampon as a precautionary measure as AF felt imminent and when I went to replace it there was no sign of any blood at all. That's when I thought I must be pregnant as usually there would be some brownish blood (sorry TMI!) visible on a tampon by that stage of what I thought were AF signs.

    Fingers cross it's a BFP for you! x
  • It's really strange because I didn't expect to feel anything so strong like this! If it isn't a BFP I think I must be having a fake pregnancy! Lol!


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