does anyone know if anywhere does a free trial go of a breast pump, i breast fed my daughter and bought a manual one that i had a go of using once and binned. i used tomilk myself like a cow into a sterilzed pirex jug. im tempted to buy an electric one but dont wanna waste my money if they are rubbish. the thing is ladies i have huge breasts before i got pregnant i was a 44FF so it needs to be a heavy duty piece of machiney. perhaps i shoul just invest in some farming equipment!! x


  • lol i would suggest talking to your midwife as im sure you can hire them from someplaces, but im not too sure. sorry im not of much help xx
  • My husband hired one from Medela for a couple months, it was the same one that we used in hospital. May try it again this time around. I found the manual one too painful to use but the electric one stimulates milk production gradually and is so much more comfortable.
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