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Hey ladies,

Just a quick question on the recommended dosage of Raspberry Leaf Tea? I have a box of capsules that recommends take one capsule 3 to 6 times a day, and also have a box of teabags.
If I take one capsule, 3 times a day and drink 2 cups of tea a day, is that safe at 35 weeks? Or will I overdose?! I don't want to take too much!!! :\?

Thanks for any advice!! xx


  • I dont think drinking the tea an taking the capsules is a smart idea i think its one or the other hun image x
  • P.S id stick to one aswell if u start takin the capsules then take them if u drink the tea stick to the tea if u like it if not take the capsules image x But dont mix an match all the time i dont think x
  • Hey hun, I started taking one capsule a day from 34 weeks and slowly going up to 3 a day. My labour was quite quick for a first labour so I think it really helped. x

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  • Oh goodness me!!! Lol I asked my midwife about this on Friday & she said it would be fine to take both as if you only have the tea you need to drink a hell of alot of it to make any difference, in her opinion the tablets are stronger & better! I've got some tea bags but I'm going to buy the tablets too. It is ok to take it from 32 weeks but think the key is too up the dosage gradually so if you start it later I don't think you should have 3 tablets & 2 cups of tea straight away but build up to it over a week or 2! I'm pretty sure you can't overdose as I'm sure you can have about 6 tablets a day eventually! image it doesn't induce labour so don't worry about that! x
  • Hi girls 

    My midwife told me to start taking raspberry leaf tea at 37 weeks I have capsules but how many should I take???

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