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hi all, iv been on here a couple of months but not done any talking but now i have started to worry, and you all seem very helpful, i was just wondering what everyone thought about the baby movements and should they move 10x a day everyday, because i saw m/w monday and she said it should move 10x a day and if it dont i should get straight in touch with hospital well it certainly doesnt move 10x day everyday it did tuesday and wednesday but now for instance it has only moved 6 so far does this have anything to do with getting up at different times? and as for pattern what does that mean because im not sure my baby even has one. really starting to worry now because it is my first time. also people have told me i should be seen every week now as i am 36+5 well i am not being seen until next friday. please give me your views.


  • I think everybody is told that baby should move 10 times plus a day,but as its getting to be quite a good size there wont be much room for baby to move about cubes always wakes mine up so if Ithink I havent felt him move for a while I have a glass of ice cubes.
    as for a pattern they say that if you kept a chart and marked the times every day baby moved you would probably find it will move at nearly the same time everyday.they also say that its a good indecator for when baby is born because they normaly keep the same you would have abit of an idea of what times it might be more active.
  • thank you for replyin, just had ice cold water and its give me a kick so theres some reassurance, how far are you?
  • hiya

    i am 39 weeks will my second child and still worry myself about babys movements. i sometimes find baby may not have moved very much but i think it just down to the fact the movements sometimes are not as strong and i am that busy and dont notice them so much.
    if you are really worried phone the hospital and go in as thats what they are their for and it will put any worrys at bay. pattern is your babys sleep/wake routine. my babies changes from time to time but normally most active mid morning/ tea time and just b4 bedtime. i only see the midwife every 2 weeks from week 37. i think every women is different and depends on how healthy you are through your pregnancy. i hope i have helped a little and best of luck for the future with your little bundle of joy.
  • thank you yes you have helped a lot, so your just waiting for it now then as i wish mine would hurry up but suppose you still worry when their here aswell a. do you know what you are having?
  • no dont know what i am having, got a four year old boy and he is determined its a baby sister so we shall soon see lol. do you know what you having?
  • no i didnt find out either did you find out with your boy, whats his name? my family want me to have a boy and because they keep saying it im sure its gona be a girl.
  • no i didnt find out with my boy , his name is owen. but all the way through i was convinced it was a boy. this time though im thinking its going to be a girl. owens picked the names kimberly or robbie
  • aar he sounds really sweet, bet he's gonna be the type to look after his little sister when the lads start wanting her. iv thought of tyler jay for a boy as my chaps names jay and it can be TJ for short, for a girl i like gracie mai but my chap doesnt he likes kaci so im not sure about the girl name yet.
  • when the boys come knocking they will no stand at chance between daddy and big brov. lol. their nice names you picked . my man and i couldnt decide on name s we both liked thats how the wee man decided for us, so we all happy now.
  • lol. bless him, its nice to talk on here aint it as i was too late for ante-natal classes so this is the closest thing to other pregnant women i get apart from my chaps mate's mrs but we only see each other on saturdays. iv got my tour of the hospital this saturday and because of how big i am my mom's chap told me to take my bags with me because there convinced im going to have it 1st april lol.
  • i missed out on antenatal classes this time too. this web site has been great for me too as any worries at all you come on here and their always plenty of info on every thing. i got hospital tour last time but it was falkirk royal and its now closed it maternity unit so got to go to stirling royal this time. i am hoping i dont go on the 1st oh apirl as the poor wean would never live it down. one oh my brothers was due 1st oh april but managed to hold out to friday the 13. haha
    what hospital you going to?
  • stafford hospital as i am from cannock (west midlands) where are you from?
  • i am in falkirk scotland (near glasgow)
  • cool. are you and your chap married?
  • well heading off now got midwife tomorrow. i really hope all goes well for you and your baby.
  • lol we were married but split for 3 years and in that time got divorced.
  • thank you and hope everything goes well for you to.
  • we were always on best of terms not bitter. still spent xmas and that together so wee man had mum and dad all the time, no one missed out
  • thats really nice iv never spent xmas wiv my dad and my chap never did wiv his mom so think we will all the while as we kno what its like.
  • although were not married and dont hink we will lol e aint got it in him to ask i dont think lol i mean this is the lad that thinks were to young to go for meals alone lol
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