Pee sample question!

Hi ladies

I've got my 16 week check-up with my Doctor today... I have to take a pee sample but forgot this morning so didn't do a FMU one.

Does it have to be FMU or can I do one a bit later on today?

16+3 xxx


  • Nope doesn't have to be FMU just whenever you remember.

    I have nearly forgotten on a couple of occassions and have had to turn up with a pathetically small ammount in the bottom of the pot cos I had to squeeze it out as I'd already 'been' before remembering to do the sample!
  • Phew! Thanks ladies!

    Hubby gave me a telling off this morning saying I ruined "our" appointment!!!

  • i used to work in a lab etc. as long as you not too early preg a sample before you go to docs fine and only need a wee bit (ha ha) just chekin for protein etc so doesnt matter what time of day . a mid stream sample is used coz a fairly even result.
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