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Trapped Wind / Severe Chest Pains!

Hi ladies,
Last night I had very severe chest pains which felt like someone had me in a vice and was pushing me together, then I felt like someone was putting a knife right through me, the pain was absolutely unbearable I thought I was having a heartattack, I didn't have trouble breathing but I felt like throwing up, no matter which way I sat I was uncomfortable. This pain came on so suddenly and it was just intense the whole time, thankfully my husband was home otherwise I would of freaked out. I was quite hot while this was happening until I went outside to get to the car then I went freezing cold.

I phoned a friend of mine and she reasurred me that because I am now 30 weeks pregnant the baby is running out of room, and he has probably got in an awkward position which has caused my diaphram to be squashed causing wind to be trapped, she advised mints and sitting upright to help the air out, which thankfully worked, it lasted half an hour and it was awful I never want to experience anything like that again so now I make sure I sit and stand upright with my shoulders back to reduce the risk.

I just wanted to check if anyone else has had anything like this before and how severe it was and how long it lasted? It would certainly put my mind at ease.
Thanks all.


  • hi ya i had the same on mon evening im 30 weeks also and was in such bad pain that i called the nhs help line to see if it was worth me going up the hos the nurse told me as long as baby was still kicking which he was!! that everything should be fine and just to take some pain killers it lasted for about 3 hours i finaly got to sleep bout 230 in morning and was fine the next day!! the joy's of being a mummy!!
  • Yes - I was beginning to think something serious was wrong with me!

    I've had it a few times now - always when I'm laying down in bed and it feels as though the whole of my chest and upper back is ripping apart. I only started gettting it over the last two or three weeks as well - I'm now 33+3 so seems to be a common theme!

    This is my 4th child but I've never had this before - mind you I'm the biggest I've ever been and feel like the baby has well grown out of space.

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