Parenting classes??

Hi Could please tell me when you started these?My mw has me down for the 6 th Apr when l'll be 22 wks l thought that was too early but l didn't like to say anything x


  • hi, lucky you i have heard nothing i asked a mw and she said to ask another and so on. im now (31+6) and would have loved to have done them. dnt think your to early. enjoy them.
    you start them the day after my lo is due sorry had to add that seems like there is nothing after that day lol.
    Tori XxX
  • hey im due 21st april and my mw says that 4 weeks before is the norm here so im book on the 5th 12th and 19 march
    but im hoping i wont be early as im thinking this is a bit late !!
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