I would love to know what the following means on my notes. :?
I have a fundal height chart what is 10 centile? 50th centile and 90th centile?

then I have some messurements all in mm but not a clue what it means (why cant they explain this all to me?)

if you know any of the answers please let me know. Thanks xxx


  • I can help with some (i think)
    BDP = Biparietal Diameter (dnt know what that is)
    HC = Head Circumference
    FL = Femur Length
    AC = Abdominal Circumference
    Hope this helps all these measurements are usually obtained at 20wk scan, I dnt know what TCD means i dnt have that on myn. Regarding the centiles it just something they use to judge how ur baby is growing, but i dnt really think they take much notice. My fundal height was measuring bang on the 50th for 9wks then suddenly it shot right up to past the 90th but nobody bothered. 10th centile wud suggest small, 50th would suggest average and 90th would suggest large. Hope all this helps, how far along are u? Kerry xxx

  • I'm 28 weeks I've not had any fundal messurements yet. I got all the others from my 20 week scan report but didn't know what any of it ment!! I wish they explained things a bit better I feel so in the dark with it all. xxx
  • Hiya

    kerrymc is absolutely correct but just to add a little more detail on the centile chart...
    Imagine there are 100 pregnant women + you. The centile chart compares you to those other 100 women e.g if you're on the 10th centile it would mean that 90 of those women would have a larger fundal height measurement and 10 of those women would measure smaller.
    I only know this cos my friend is a social worker and explained how centile charts worked. I agree that it would be so much easier if the notes came with a guide.
  • Dnt worry apple jack if ur mw doesn't measure ur fundal height because in my first pregnancy i didnt have myn measured once. They say its not a very accurate way of determining size ect especially if u dnt see the same mw everytime u go. Kerry xxx
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