Dove Summer glow body lotion?

I'm sure I know the answer but just checking it's ok to use this while pregnant, I look pasty white and had a wedding to go to sat and want to pamper myself a bit.


Em x


  • Hi there, my mate used it all through her pregnancy, hope that
  • i use johnsons one everyday after my bath so i dont see why not. th chemicals are very light in mosturiser versions like dove and johnsons as they are to help your skin too. Its the real fake tanning stuff you gotta watch for. sarah 21wks

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  • Hi Em
    I've been thinking the same thing (but for the Johnsons one), seems to be ok to use?!
    Sarah xx
  • Great, thanks everyone, looks like I'll be a nice healthy glow this weekend.
    Need it, I am soooo lacking sleep at mo, LO has decided to wake me at 4.30-5.00am every day at moment and I just can't get back off, guess it's getting used to what i have to come.

    Em x
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