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stretchy pains in bump 30 weeks?

is anyone else getting intermittent tender areas on their bump/aches it feels like muscular area stretching round my belly button and comes and goes, had it a week ago, and went, now got it again this morning, worse when I move about and ok when I rest? I assume it's growth, ,I freaked myself out a bit reading about pre-eclampsia pain being there but I have been up at Day Assessment this week a couple of times as they are doing regular monitoring following my bleed a couple weeks ago, and my BP is 'like an athletes', I've no swelling, no headaches and totally clear pee, so not really thinking it's that! no more bleeding, or pain anywhere else. anyone? obviously if movement reduces or I get more bleeds etc I'll ring up someone but just wanted to see if these kinds of wee niggles are normal. google seems to think so (for once!)
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