How many babygrows?

Okay girls, the heading says it all really image
How many babygrows will i need and what sizes nb or 0-3 to get me through the first 3 months?
Im assuming baby will be living in these pretty much 24/7
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  • i would also like to know to, do you need many in newborn size? xxx
  • I went wayyy over board and bought 21 of each size lol I would probably say about 10 of each id plenty. The ones from next are great coz they have built in scratch mitts and are sooo soft and cute. xx
  • well i have bought 25 newborn, and i have got around the same maybe a couple more 0-3 months,and i will probably keep adding to it to, sick and other bodily functions all day mean changing several times, depends how often you can get them washed and dried,
  • We had 3 babygro's in 0-3 but we had a lot of newborn outfits for both ours. Jack was only about 2 weeks old before he started getting dressed in mornings!!

  • We have about 8 newborn babygros and a similar number of 0-3 month ones. I find this is plenty (Lily generally wears a babygro for bed but an outfit during the day). I do about 2 washes every 3 days (our stuff as well as baby's).

    The thing I've found you can't have enough of is little vests to go under the babygros. We have about 14 in newborn and 0-3 month sizes. I find that these get pooed on fairly regularly and so have to be changed more.

    I definitely recommend the sleveless vests - far easier to get little flailing arms into than ones with sleeves, and it's the body that needs to be kept warm anyway.
  • I always found 6 to be enough though admittedly I did have more!!! Remeber you will probably get quite a few gifts in these sizes too. Also I never bothered buying newborn in anything as mine were into 0-3 months quite quickly so if you are buying newborn dont get too many

    Hilary x
  • Sorry, I've written a bloomin' essay, but wanted to add that Lily weighed 7lbs 10oz at birth and has been putting weight on steadily, and is still in newborn size now (she's a month old). She's only got another fortnight or so until we'll need to use the 0-3 month ones, I think.
  • Thankyou girls image iv got about 6 of each already image
    Going to buy another 3 of each now image
    X x
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