nightmare scan.

hi ladys i was booked in for my nuchal scan yesterday at 7.10 in evening which i felt was to late but thats the only appointment they had so anyway turn up had some blood taken and waited to be called to have the scan. finaly at 8.30 i get called in. baby had got bigger from 28mm 13days ago to 44.1mm. they said baby was so active rubbing eyes sucking thumb eating dancing lol stretching itching head lol trying suck toes was all over the place it was so funny but they kept saying the baby is naughty and wont keep still they couldn take there measurments till 10.30 at night they tried but nothing they had me jumping up and down drinking hot choclate they tried everything but baby wouldn get in the position the sonograpther wanted. in end i was last person there had they said gynae got my dates wrong which i thought im only 11+2 and the baby needed to be at least 45mm to do measurments so baby was less then 1mm from having it all done grrrrr at this point the sonographer was really giving me the hump my tummy was so sore she kept digging me and also worried me by saying baby heart beat too fast 176bpm but then the other doctor told me its always faster bpm when under 12weeks now im worried image. is this normal girls 11+2 size 44.1mm 176bpm?
im so scared i got have the whole procedure done next week i will be 12+4 x x any advice gratfull x x


  • Hi crystal, I'm sorry to hear your scan experience stressed you out! I'm sure it will all go much more smoothly next week though. I had my nuchal scan at 12+2.

    I wouldn't get too worried about the heart rate at all. I'm not surprised it was high if your little one was jumping around for 2 hours and being prodded non stop by a sonographer! Also, I was curious about heart rates when I first heard my bun's heart, and I found this interesting report:

    You can see that heart rates do change as the baby grows and develops. The peak is at around 9 weeks and then it gradually goes down until it levels off at around 17 weeks. So next week, I'm sure it will be lower because a) your baby will be a week older and b) hopefully it will be jumping around a bit less!

    Chin up hun, and try to focus on the fact that you saw your little one and it was healthy and active and very cute!

    Love Astraad xx
  • thanks hun for your reply and link x x i feel little at ease i think its mainly the doctors make things worse lol. x hope babys hb drops a lil between now and next week x
  • Hi Crystal,

    I can't help on the sizes but the heart rate is def. normal. At each of our doppler heartbeat listening sessions, Angus's HB was 169 and 172 at the highest. Dr and MW both said this is fine and normal.

    There is an old wives tale that faster HBs indicate its a girl!!!

    I feel your pain with the sonographer prodding you. At our 20-week scan, the chap pushed so hard on my tummy, right down low near my lady garden area / bones - it hurt so much! Angus was in the wrong position too and it took an hour to finally get the measurements!

    Hope you feel a bit better soon honey.

    Joo xxxxxxx
  • hi hon
    Dont worry!!!!

    I went for a 2nd nuchal scan at 13+4 and my babys hertbeat was 180bpm! the consultant said it was 'high' but not to worry at all as she was constantly jumping, flipping, waving and literally moving all over the place. he said for it to be that high was fine seeing how active the baby was so I wouldnt worry.

    in terms of measurments my baby was 53mm at my first nuchal scan at 12+5 so urs being 43mm at 11+2 sounds perfectly normal.
  • I just remembered that my Nuchal scan result came with a growth chart! According to that, 44mm is bang on the average for 11+2, so don't worry about it image
  • Hi Crystal, i had my scan on friday, thought i was 13+1 but they said i was 12 weeks, baby measured 56mm! i had the opposite problem, my baby wouldn't wake up, i had to move around to wake it up, when it finally did, she said quick lie on your back and i can get a good picture and as soon as i lay back down, it went back to sleep again lol got a lovely picture tho!
    Hope all goes well next time hun!
  • Hi Crystal sorry you had a bad scan experience you must have been tired out by the time you went home. It does start to hurt after a while when they press down hard, especially as you need a full bladder for the earlier ones. Hope everything goes ok on your next one xx
  • aww thanks ladys so much you have all put my mind at ease im pleased that 44crl is right for dates and i did feel like saying to the doc doing scan that if we ran around a track for 2half hours our heartbeats would speed up to lol bet poor thing had good sleep when i got home haha. i was so sore still am my tummy feels like one big bruise. pleased things went well sam thats great news funny how all babys are different how nice would it be if your lil one was born and loved lots sleep hehe hopefully when i go next week my lil one be having a lazy day. glad all is going well msnewb and i hear your having a girl congratulations they say girls have faster hb might explain yours as well as being active hun x X. i looked like mad woman doing star jumps and wiggling and bobbling around trying get baby to go in certain position x x thank you to all of you for leaving comments and astrad for coming back with crl information x x
  • when i had my 12 week scan the sonographer hurt me prodding as baby wouldnt wake up! she really did hurt Hub says i have to to tell them next time!!

    dont worry mine wouldnt give me BPM on cake's heartbeat

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