What is wrong with me?

Hi Ladies,
Hope we are all well today? I am having a bit of a crap day and im not sure why :\?

I was horrible to hubby this morning, he was in a silly mood and it was really annoying me but I totally over reacted with him and have felt guilty ever since. He has gone to footie and text me to see if I am ok and say he loves me but I still feel bad. :\(

I broke a cup earlier and cried, watched Father of the Bride 2 and cried and also cried in the bath- not sure why?!

Just been to Sainsbury's and had a bit of a 'moment' in the meat aisle- now no laughing here... They have pork on offer buts its Danish pork, I always try to buy British and free range (even before Jamie Oliver!) but think that the pig programme he did a couple of weeks back was fab and its annoyed me that Sainsbury's are still not supporting the British farmer. My Dad is a retired butcher so its even more important to me. I asked the meat man (well 12 yr old boy packing the shelves) why they only have Danish pork on offer and he just looked at me blankly!

Loads of stuff I wanted they didnt have in stock and everything I wanted seemed to either be on the top or bottom shelves so I had to reach or bend and I feel enormous so it wasnt easy.

Im home now but still feel like crap- Can anyone cheer me up? :roll:


  • oh dear dinks it does sound like you are having a bad day!!! can't really say anything to cheer you up but maybe a bath and a good nights sleep will help and hopefully you will feel a different woman tomorrow and be able to put today behind you!

    My FIL is a butcher so @i know what you mean about the meat thing. I never buy from a supermarket now can't believe how much nicer proper meat tastes also it helps we don't have to pay for it!!

    Chin up Dinks xxxx
  • aaaw hon! you know its only your hormones - and Mr Dinks knows that too! get yourself relaxed, have a bath and get your PJs on, cuddle up with some nice food and enjoy tonight together!

    you will feel better...

    hubby and I argued so much a week or so ago, it was awful, but my mood lifted eventually (after lots of crying) and I felt loads better!

    Joo xxxxx
  • Thanks ladies, I am feeling a bit better now- had some magic chocolate!

    Hubby will be home soon so will make sure I get lots of cuddles and give him lots of cuddles too. Its silly what those damn hormones can do to you!

    Was going to cook a thai for him but Sainsbury's had run out of prawns, chilli's, limes and coriander! So I got a ready made curry instead- more time for cuddles on the sofa!
  • yeah we are getting a chinky so i don't have to spend half the night cooking and cleaning up!!!! just want to chill out and get loads of cuddles as well! x
  • Hope you enjoyed your Chinese. Our curry was very nice.

    Hubby is home now and I told him the pork story! Has given me lots of cuddles and chocolate. image
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