Maternity Clothes?

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  • Do you know where I can find nice but cheapish maternity clothes?
    Ive been looking through my wardrobe and I have a feeling In a few months Im not gunna have many clothes that fit me, but ive found shopping for maternity clothes quite hard. Ive got some great tops from new look and I know next do some nice clothes as well-but you have to order them from the counter.
  • i work in newlook and weve got some lovely maternity clothes. jeans are only ??20 and look great. wel be having spring season in soon which will have some lovely tops
    hope this helps
    shaz xx
  • Have u tried ebay? They normally have nice stuff . Dorothy Perkins also have a maternity range but lm not sure about prices xx
  • I have found new look quite helpful, the store in my town doesnt have a huge range but me and my sister (well my sister more) have found some bargins there.

    Thankyou both, yeah Ive had a quick look on ebay-I got some jeans but they werent too comfortable, but ill have another nose tonight (I suppose I just need to keep my eye out for things)
  • New look top shop and h& M are all great. MY best buy was a pair of over the bump jeans with a jersey over the bump bit so no zips or buttons. reallycomfortable and looks great with tight fitting tops from next. ??19.99 i have lived in them the whole of my pregnancy am 38 weeks and still wearing them. I have got a directory but it is easy to order them in the shop. Just find them in the catlogue they will order them usually here in 2 days. You cant try them on but if you dont like them you just take them back to shop and they will send them back. Real bargain at ??20 and easily more comfy than anything else in fact i think every one should have a pair pregnant or not!!!!
  • Do you have a Big W any where near you, they have started stocking the evie maternity range from peacocks, jeans, really nice from ??15.00! Also peacocks sell the same stuff but not all stores.
    Top shop maternity jeans are v comfy, i lived in mine last time and cos they just had the stretchy side panels in the pockets they were great for the first few weeks after the birth too. I'm going to get some more this time ( i wore my last ones out i think!)
    Also New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Mothercare (jeans and trousers ok), Mamas & Papas,
    Hope you find what you looking for.
  • Hi

    I have to agree dorothy perkins is good. I bought two tops over the week end for 8 quid. And they are really nice tops!!! I also found that their maternity wear fits me so well!!

    Other than that I always go to the sale rail at mothercare.
  • ive just been buying normal clothes but obv things like smock tops and dresses/leggings etc.maternity wear can b waste of money as ur only wearin em for few months but i did buy sum gorgeous maternity jeans from ebay for 8quid they were only worn once.
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