urgent help please, if you can!

My friend called me earlier to say that she did a pregnancy test this morning (a clear blue) and it flashed up positive. She also did a conception indicator and it showed up 3 + weeks, then it disappeared again.

she has just gone out and bought two first response tests and they came up negative.

can anyone help???


  • hmmm that is strange isnt it all i can say is i havnt heard of false positives but i myself had 2 false negatives ...perhaps if she goes to the doctors and asks them to do one as its not cheap to do tests ...if she doesnt want to do that tesco do 2 tests for ??5 and they are good i used them when i was only 2 days late and both came up positive when i was expecting sophia ...hth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi there. I had very very faint lines on FR tests but showed uo straight with clear blue indicator, i dont rate FR to be honest but thats just my personal experience with them. Tell her to do another CBD.

    Hope this helps. Wish her luck!!

    Annette x


  • thank you. I have told her to wait for a few days then test again.

    Its just a waiting game now. poor thing.
  • yep id agree shes prob to early hun xxx
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