wierd question?????

i cant wait to feel my baby move but i have 1 concern now my oh keeps laughin at me but, what if the first time i feel my baby move is when im havin sex with him image


  • Very wierd question, what made you think of that? Its unlikely that you will feel your first movements while your active, I felt mine with my first, while I was chilling out in the bath. This time round Ive bin feeling "bubbles" since bout 12weeks and now at 14weeks these "bubbles" are definate movements, but I still only really feel them wen I'm not doing anything. Kerry xxx

  • i dnt know its 1 of the wierd things ive ever thought of lol!
  • Oh well thats just pregnant women for you, coming up with sum of the strangest questions ever. Kerry xxx

  • lol n ive got a preg brain too keep forgettin every thin! i nearly flooded the house the other week as i forgot i was runnin a bath
  • Ha ha ha, n you know it gets no better after uve had the baby, well it didnt for me anyway.

  • dnt tell me things like that lol! im dangerous as it is lol
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