Highlights when pregnant?!

I have my hair high lighted every 8 weeks and confused as to whether I can continue now I'm pregnant! When googling it I get mixed answers!

I have read that highlights are better than full head dye as the dye does not touch the root of your hair so therefore it does not get into your bloodstream

Can anyone give any advice?



  • Hi,

    I used to be a hairdresser and hi-lights are safe as no chemicals are touching your scalp un-like a full head of colour where it is all over your head.

    The only thing is sometimes the hormones in pregnancy can affect the actual colour which is why we would do a strand test for someone who was pregnant (take a small strand of hair and bleach it and see what the colour result is).

    So just talk to your stylist and ask for this to be done but as far as chemicals go like I say as it isn't touching your skin it would be fine.

  • Hi sarcycyril,

    I think the general advise is to stay away from hair dye in your 1st trimester as a precaution but after that should be fine. I guess it's personal choice too. I have also heard that highlights are better than all over tint xxx
  • The advice when googling is very mixed. They say even a full head dye it is unlikely to do any harm as only a tiny amount it absorbed. I was told not to have bleach done as there is more chemicals in it. I had a full head done at 7 weeks as my roots were awful and ive decided to go back to my own colour so I wont have to keep getting it done throughout pregnancy.

    A friend of mine said her hair didn't take the blonde and it went kind of orange when she was pregnant so defo ask for a strand test first!!

  • definately do a strand test, i coloured my hair when i was pregnant with my son and it was a completely different colour to what i had chosen. it was nice but not what i was expecting
  • When I did my training to be a hairdresser 11 years ago, they always said there is practically zero risk from having your hair dyed or permed, the only problem is that your pregnancy can affect how the hair will take the colour or perm, ie your hair may not actually curl, even though you've gone through the whole perming process, hence why a strand test should be carried out, I have carried on bleaching my hair throughout my previous two pregnancies and will do so for this one aswell, No one sees any harm in slapping a face mask on, claiming your body absorbs whatever is in that, if your body does absorb anything it is minimal.
  • i can't dye my hair in pregnancy as it always goes a funny colour, the only colour i've ever been able to successfully die it is mid-brown (and my natural colour is medium blonde) xxx
  • I've been having my hair bleach highlighted all throughout my pregnancy, every 5 to 6 weeks... can't go 9 months with bad roots!
  • Apparently your hair can grow much faster during pregnancy so you might notice roots more quickly. I haven't been colouring my hair at all although there are a few greys... will be treating myself to some highlights after the baby is born though as I'm sure I won't be looking my best then!
  • Hiya, I was just coming over to post the exact same thing - I have my hair dyed blonde every 8 weeks, was due a colour last weeked but cancelled as caution, altho the roots are looking ridiculus now - eeekkk - only 5+1 so dont thiink i can cope with out getting it done, also im getting married in a few weeks too so want nice hair then! xxxxxxx

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  • its mainly peroxide that causes concern with regard to the baby. just be sure to do a strand test before hand and leave it 48 years to see the proper colour xx
  • I had mine done and I was completely fine xxx

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