Were still here waiting!

Still here ladies really really annoyed now the contractions were soo painful last night that they reduced me to tears went to hospital and the monitor only traced 4 in an hour although i had them every 3 to 5 mins but they were in my back so the monitor couldnt trace them so midwife gave me yet another internal and no change so got sent home arrrggggghhhhhh so frustrating they still continued coming every 3 mins till about 11oclock when i went to bed then they died down to every 30 to 40 mins, and as the night went on they became less painful until i got up again and ive been having them all day again they only seem to die down when i lie down but if i get up it starts again its really annoying that i have to go through all this pain with them doing nothing as their not making me dilate mw seems to think this will continue then ill go from nothing to fully dilated in a flash and doesnt think it will be too long now i hope not too lol well just thought id update you all incase you were thinking i had finally popped haha Sophie 39+4 xx



  • thats how my 2cnd was it was cos baby was back to back so i was having major contractions but only feeling them in the back but once i hit 5cms after about 2days lol (waters didnt gotill end of day two ) i went to 10 cms within 28 mins. so i bet ur mw is right n u'll suddenly pop xxxxxxx
  • Oh hun, i know how your feeling. i had contractions like yours for 2 days before i had my daughter. They were so annoying and painful! I had had little sleep for 2 days before this but i couldnt sleep with the contractions neither i was knackered! when i did start getting them alot stronger i went to hospital only to be told i was only 2cm dialated (but was in agony), i went in early morning so ended up staying in cos they was going to have to induce me that day cos it had been 24 hours since my amniotic fluid had started leaking (also had recently moved & lived quite far from that hospital), lucky enough within a few hours things started moving a bit quicker. Hoping for you things will happen soon as i know how fed up you are probably getting now.
    Good luck with everything
    Caz x x
  • Im going too i think looks like she doesnt want to prove you right anyway hun only 2 hrs left to arrive today lol ive posted bump pics on bump buddies your looking big now r u sure she is just a baby and not a toddler lol Sophie 39+4 xx


  • hi sorry i ignored ur facebook thingy i wasnt concentrating, ive added you now again sorry im all over the place!!! thought baby was on way this morning but then it all just stopped prob 4 the best as only 34 wks anyway hope baby comes 4 u vvv soon!!!!
  • Hope all is well with you today mate!

    Would be even better to hear you now have your lo! She definately doesnt want to leave your safe, warm tummy does she, bless!

    Love Lee
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