please help

hello ladys. i am 23weeks pregeant and im in a great relanship and life look hard but we will get though the thick and thin i know we will image. but i m not the reson why i need help,
i would like to know if u have any advise for a very good freind of mine. she is only 19 and sadly she is not in a proper relaship.
the big thing is she not shure if she is ready to keep or not to.
please answer with an open mind. thank you for reading and also if u reply i'll very great full thank you.


  • Hon, it's really hard to answer a question like this - a) she is not writing in herself, so any information you are giving is second hand, b) you haven't given any of her details/situation etc, c) can only give individual opinions and not the right thing to do.

    I know this doesn't help much but I can only say that if she would like to keep the baby and the only reason she isn't because she will be doing it alone, then I personally do not feel this would be a valid reason for me terminating a pregnancy. As I say, only my opinion!

    Good luck for your pregnancy and I hope your friend is ok.

  • Hi I agree with what Karen has said really, its difficult to form an opinion not knowing more about the situation. I was 15 and doing my GCSE's when I found out I was expecting my first and everyone except my parents said I should have an abortion, her dad wasnt interested at the time, but I didnt and I know have a beautiful little 4 year old girl and its the best decision I ever made. Her bio logical dad now sees her every other weekend and I'm now married to a lovely man and 22+3 weeks with my second baby now. There are alot of valid reasons for a termination but there are also lots of situations where one isnt nessecary.
  • I have to agree with the others ladies, it is very much personal choice. Your friend must be going through a very tough time emotionally whatwith hormones as well as the gravity of the situation.
    If i were her friend, I would provide support and an ear to listen. I have an open mind to terminating and feel that should your friend decide this is what she wants then support her, if she decided to go through with having a baby then support her.
    At the end of the day she has to feel that she can live with the decision she makes.
    Sorry not much help but I hope your friend is ok.

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