Feeling Weird

Hi Everyone,
U mite remember I wrote a post last wk about feeling really fed up and down with been pregnant. This wk however I feel really strange. I cnt really describe it, its as if im watching my life (like i wud a film) rather than actually living it. Its weird coz I feel quite spaced, not pregnant, not upset, not stressed, NOT ANYTHING! Is this sort of thing normal, my last pregnancy was such plain sailing I dint have any of these weird emotions or feelings i was just me. Im scared im gona wake up one morning and realise its july and im gona b giving birth, then im gona think s**t where have the past five months gone. Anyone else feeling just plain strange? Kerry xxx


  • lol i'm feeling none pregnant and l;ike its a dream i'm gonna wake up from does that count... i'm scared i'll wake up unpregnant or heavily pregnant lol you'd think with everything that has happened reality may have hit me by now but alas still feel like i'm in a dream land where i could wake up in a nightmare lol
  • im feeling exactly the same lol i feel tranzed and day dreaming all the time
  • I can relate to this especially as I'm not working at the moment! I don't feel 'pregnant' at all (bearing in mind I am 28 weeks so probably should by now!) I barely feel him kicking as I have an anterior placenta and he has his back to my stomach, I don't feel heavier, in fact I don't feel the slightest bit different apart from a tad of heartburn. It's good, but slightly scary that it's flying by. April is fast approaching!! xxx
  • Hi. I've been feeling strange the last couple of weeks. Now that the worry before hitting the 12 week mark and my pregnancy symptoms have gone, I don't feel pregnant. Like Kerry, I don't feel anything really. I thought it was because I haven't got a proper bump yet and don't look pregnant.

    I've got my check up today so hopefully I'll hear lo's heartbeat again and it'll feel more real! xx


  • Thanks girls im glad im not the only one who is really strange. I think im feeling very un-pregnant coz i dnt have much contact with my mw (only if there is a problem). My antenatal checks dnt actually start til 25wks. At least iv got 20 scan in just over a wk, but im not especially excited about that either, very strange. Kerry xxx

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