Help! What do you think this pain is?

Hi Ladies

I was wondering if you all could help me. I'm just over 20 weeks and this is my third pregnancy, so know what to expect really, but I keep getting this pain just by my belly button, it's like an electric shock in my tummy, which really hurts as you would expect and that "spasm like" pain travels for a couple of seconds from my stomach and all the way to my right arm. I'm not in any pain afterwards, but it hurts at the time.

It has happened 3 times now this week, Monday night at the hairdressers, Wenesday night when i was taking some clothes off and tonight whilst i was on the phone when i lean forward a bit.

It's definately not the baby kicking, as i have felt this since about 16 weeks and baby is kicking all the time and it's totally different. I have never felt anything like this in any other pregnancy either. I did wonder if it was the baby kicking a nerve, but that wouldn't explain why the pain travels to my right arm?

Do you think I should ring the midwife tomorrow morning? Nicki


  • It sounds to me like maybe baby is sitting on a nerve? If its tingly and travels then thats what i would hazard a guess at, but yeah if you're worried then def give your midwife a call hun xxx
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