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  • Good Morning image

    After all the fussing I did in here yesterday about not being able to find bubbys heartbeat on my angelsounds doppler, I went home on a mission to find it. I layed down on the bed and prepared myself to be there for a long time but I only went and found bloody straight away I didn't know whether to laugh or cry lol. The answer for me finding it is to do it on an empty stomach cos as soon as I had eaten I couldn't find it again.

    Obviously when I told hubby I found it he didn't believe me so I told him to come and listen for himself he put the headphones on and said "I can't here anything" I then had to spend another 10 mins trying to find it again and eventually he heard it and a big smile came across he face.

    So thank you everyone who I spoke to for putting my mind at ease image

  • hey CazA did u get one from ebay?? how far gone r u?? when can u start using it to try and find hearbeat?? xx
  • Hi Princess Jane,

    I went on to google and typed in angelsounds doppler and bought one from the first site i came to lol, I used it first at 12 weeks where i found a heartbeat and hadn't been able to find one since. I then tried it last night (i'm 16 weeks) and heard it loud and clear image

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