34 weeks scan today.....

Hi girls, hope everybody is well and LOs are growing nicely.
I had a 34 weeks scan today as had low lying placenta. Everything is now fine and placenta where it should be and baby really well so I should be happy right??
I feel really de-flated and I don't know why. Think it maybe because I have been counting down the days til today and now its over. Baby wasn't facing us so I didn't get to see its face which was annoying. Plus we havn't found out the sex of baby and today the sonographer told us to look away as she could see what it was clearly...does that mean its a boy because of the dangly bits or what?? It was sooooo hard not to ask what it was. I'm actually only 33 weeks and 3 days and baby weighs 5lb 10oz already. I was completely shocked as I was born 2 weeks late and weighed 5lb 13 oz and really thought I was gonna have a small baby, The sonographer reckons baby has at least 3lb more to gain...I really wanted a smaller baby than that!!!

I'm really sorry girls as I know I should be happy and excited as I have a healthy baby in my belly and everything is on course etc but I just can't shake feeling a lil' down.

Katie and bambino.x x x


  • Hi Katie - I really know that deflated feeling! I don't even know what causes it?!

    My pregnancy has run smoothly and all my appointments are the same...I only have them every 2 weeks and every time I go, they say the same - "Everythings fine." Dont get me wrong as I am soooo glad my baby is growing well and I am well too & all prepared for a normal birth. It's just sometimes I have a niggly wish that something would happen so I know labour is round the corner!! 34 weeks is so irritating - cos ur heavily pregnant - and yet the birth is still 4-8 weeks away so you can hardly get excited. I defo think 30-36 weeks is the worst bit of pregnancy.

    I'm also worried bout having a big baby....My ohs mum had such tiny babies and I worry that she will want me to have a little cute baby too? Even though I'm bigger than her (she's 5"3 and slim, I'm 5"5 and average) and baby is looking to be around 8lbs. I don't know why I'm bothered! Cos I personally couldn't care less! xxx


  • hiya, sorry you're feeling a bit low. Yes, you've got yourself phsyched up (can't spell) and now it's all over the excitement of the scan and also worrying has gone so totally understandable and being told the size of your baby it probably all feels too much. I felt sad after my 20wk scan but we've booked a 4d one.... going to ask how big lo is - I worry about her being huge as my bump looks big ... hugs.

    28 + 3
  • Ahhh thanks girls, glad I'm not alone. Felt really selfish that I should feel this way as I know there are many women out there who would love to be in my position.

    Definately agree with you Tiger Lily about 30+ weeks being the most frustrating...you feel soooo close yet stil so far!!!

    Chellebell, hope your 4d scan is fab. My bump is quite big and also I'm carrying very high but baby is low and head down in position so it just goes to show sometimes the bump can be deceiving.

    Thanks zoey for pink/blue advice, its sooo weird as I really didn't think I minded what I had but after thinking it was a boy today I was sad and we then went to Mothercare and I kept looking at the gorgeous girls stuff and said to Richard that I think I really want a girl!!! Bloody hormones, seriously they need to invent some kinda drug to stop hormones exisiting!!

    Katie and big bambino!!!!x x x
  • Hi Katie
    Glad the placenta has moved, that's good, shame you waited all this time to see bambino again and didn't see the face though. I wouldn't worry about thinking it being a boy, when we went for our 4d scan she said straight away the second she put the probe on my tummy she knew what it was so we were all convinced it was a boy too, turns out it was a girl, so like Zoey says it could just have been that the ovaries were very obvious, I know how you must have felt though if you didn't want to know that would have felt almost like someone had given the game away. Well not long til bambino will give it away for you, hope you're feeling better today.

    Em x
  • hi katie im really pleased everything is ok not long now and we will both have our babies!!!!
  • Hi Em and Victoria, thankyou for your kind replies. I'm feeling much better today and feel a bit stupid for feeling down yesterday. Had 2 of my friends around today that are due in September (same day oddly enough!!) so they getting all excited about their 20 weeks scan but still quite anxious about baby so they made me realise how lucky I am and that I will be meeting baby soon etc!! Been making jokes about big babies all day and the bets have started in the family to how much bambino weighs.

    Thanks girls for all your kind words and advice, always know this is the place that will make me feel better.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • glad ur feeling better katie,
    can i ask u a question??
    how r u feeling about the birth, r u scared, excited etc???
  • im 32wks with my third and i think its gonna b a big bubba my first was 8lb 13 n my second was 10lb 11oz dont panic tho coz my big girl was a normal birth with no stitches n actually a lot easier than my first. it would b nice to have a small baby tho as my girl couldnt wear any new born stuff n people kept making jokes about her wich was horrid but the last laugh is mine as she is gorgeous. hope you feel abit less down im miserable with the waiting too
  • Hi lollyhatch, thanks for the encouraging words, I made a joke when we was in Mothercare that there was no point buying newborn clothes anymore!!! Can't believe people made jokes about your daughter when she finally arrived, I would've been really narked. Glad you got the last laugh hun. I'm off to buy some rasberry leaf capsules today as they are meant to be really good for the contractions and think I'm gonna need all the help I can get, might even try and seduce the OH next week(god,that'll shock him) as want to start the ball moving as early as I can now!!!

    Victoria, I'm not sure what I think about labour yet as up until Monday kinda had it in my head I might have had c-sect. I can't wait to be honest and don't wanna be scared. As Richard has been thru it before I think that has calmed my mind a little bit but its all so easy typing this as havn't got the foggiest idea of the pain and will probably be a complete nightmare, screaming banshee springs to mind!!! How are you feeling??

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • well tbh in shitting it!!!!! and have already warned kirk that anything i may say to him during labour i dont mean it!!! i think he thinks im joking but im really really not!!!! im sure i will turn the air blue with my colourful language but hey the baby has to come out some how eh??? lol
  • LOL, when I was in hospital last week the women in the bed next to me was in early labour and was handling it very well...when she got moved to delivery suite an hour later I could hear her screaming from my bed and I thought god I hope I'm not like that!!! I'm not scared at the moment as just really want labour to start(weirdo I know). JUst think hun, our bodies are made to cope with Labour and theres is nothing we can do about it once it starts anyway...I bet you end up with the lovely calm labour and I have the nightmare one now I've typed this!!!!lol

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • hello,

    Not sure if you remember me, but I also have PP- am I have my 34 wk scan on monday coming, although I will be 34+3 by then! I am really nervous, I have sort of got my head around a c section- and like the ide aof knowing when this will happen- but then again feel sad I will miss out on giving birth ( I will probably live to regret that!!)

    Hope you are feeling a bit better about it all too, we don't know the sex of the baby- although I am sure its a boy!

    Are you finishing work soon? I have moved my date to next week as I am so tired!
  • glad i could cheer you up people only made comments as my mum had a 6lb boy 2 weeks before and seeing them together was a bit mad, but i was really hurt by them all!! luckily my oh and son thought she was lovely so they kept me smiling
  • Hi Click...I was looking for our old post the other day so I could tell you about my placenta but couldn't find it as couldn't remember what topic it was in.

    I hope everything works out ok for you Monday, I think I was relieved everything was ok but like you have said I kinda had c-sect in my mind. It is quite a weird feeling after your scan as not sure about yourself but I had everything on hold until it but its fab seeing LO again (or in my case, not so little!!)
    I feel absolutely fine now and count my blessings that everything is fine. Really hope you get the outcome you want and your LO is facing you as I really wanted to see babys face. I finished work last friday, was meant to be this friday but they let me have a few days annual leave as I had bleed last week and scan and midwife so I'm on leave now. Its only Wednesday and I'm bored!!! I've washed everything that isn't hanging in the wardrobe, all the nets and rugs etc!!! Am not gonna complain too much tho as I know won't have the time when LO is here.

    Let me know how it goes on Monday hun.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • okay officially freaked out my mw saw me and said i look bigger than with last baby HOW MUCH BIGGER!!!!! i now have nightmares about 16lb babies this is deffinately my last. so scarred that i'll need a c section someone please leave a msg saying that they are shorter than 5"2 and had a baby bigger than 10lb 11oz and no intervention please lie to me if neccessary or i may have to cry
  • Hi hun, My friend had a 10lb 8oz baby. She is 5"4 and had her naturally. She did need a few stitches and it was her second child.
    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • i just hope the third baby being smaller is true i cant have another 10+ baby it wasnt that bad but now id have to recover whilst looking after two kids arghh
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