Im gonna be grey before this bubs arrive!!!

and im only 24!! lol I just went to the loo and when i wiped there was bright red blood but fortunately it wasn't from where you may think!!! I think (without being to gross) i must have teared slightly when i went to loo this morning!!!! Eeek!


  • Bless you image was it from your butt? (couldn't think of a better word lol) perhaps it could be piles.
  • oh dear as you say maybe you'd better start researching safe hair colours!! lol
    Are you having trouble with constipation as to why you had a tear?
    Filo x
  • You could have piles or if you passed a particularly hard poo (sorry tmi!!!) that can sometimes cause bleeding
  • I've had this loads - don't think it's anything to worry about - I fluctuate between constipation and diarrhoea! Lovely - hope you're all enjoying your lunch!!

    5 days to go
  • I had this earlier in my pergnancy but wasnt piles, think it must have been slight tearing or something but not had it for a couple of months

    Joanna 32+3
  • lol that baby is determined to turn you grey!Could be a tear from an extra large poo lol, I had that a few weeks ago (sorry if tmi!)
  • your replies have made me chuckle! def not piles just a bit bunged up! xx
  • plenty of fruit and juice for you then hun.
    Filo x
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