fed up

hi ladies am 29/5 and getting very fed up seem to be impatient and want her to come now am very un comftable cant sleep even thou im tired and she is kicking so low down it hurts and feels like she is trying to fight her way out lo x x x


  • me too (am 29+1), i feel like i should be done being pregnant and concentrating on being a mum. does ur lo ever kick u right in the bladder so hard it hurts and u gotta pee right there and then?
  • oh great so as if being 12+6 and baby already weighing heavy on bladder i have the pleasure of my once strong bladder getting kick 10 bells out of image i think this will be the only one i ever have!!!!! i don't envy you although i have a feeling i'm tired coz bubba keeps beating me up and body doesn't understand wahts happening image lol
  • im 22wks today i think its gne quick but wen i get nearer to 30wks like u guys ill prob feel the same as i did with my 1st child
  • hi i am 30 weeks 2 mra and its going slow 1 min then fast the next sometimes i wish it was feb slowly getting bigger nw which doesnt help when i am sleeping i finsh work on the 28th dec so only have 6 weeks after that
    take care xxxxxxx
  • hi all yes she kicks so low that i feel im going to pee right on the spot. its so painfull sometimes. feb cant come quick enough for me now x x x
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