Hi ladies,

my midfife found nitrates in my wee at 24 week appointment and sent it off to be tested, she then told me at my 28 week appointment I needed anitbiotics then at 29 weeks I went into docs with terrible pain and he said my wee infection was resistant to those drugs and to take some others, which i finished on Tuesday and still have pains, doc just called to say I still have white cells in my wee and he wants me to come in at 5 to do some tests? why would he say that and not just give me more drugs, he even metioned sending me to get a scan, why would he do that for a wee infection?

Quite worried now :cry:


  • It is obviously a bit more than just a wee infection otherwise the anti-biotics would have cleared it up surely. Its gud that they want to do further tests at least u will know exactly whats wrong and they will be able to treat u properly. I can understand y u r anxious but try to relax im sure everything will be fine was they establish wat the problem is and give u the correct treatment. Sorry not much help iv not suffered with any infections so cnt really advise properly. Gud Luck, let u know how u get on. Kerry xxx

  • hiya ive had nitrates in my urine twice now,both been sent off they cant find any thing, it could just be hun that them antibiotics dont work on the urine infection u have, and the doc might want more as they may grow it to see what antibiotics do work, try not to worry hun, im sure its all fine, let us know how o get on xxxx
  • Thanks guys, they already grew it to change to second set of antibiotics which it was not ment to be resisitant to but clearly they must be wrong, I am such a worrier image just a bit paranoid as a thing I read says prolonged infections can cause premature birth, why can they fix me now.
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