feelings of labour?

hi, just wonderd how everyone is feeling about there BIG day arriving, im excited and want my baby out! but also so so scared incase i cant cope with the pain and not in control,

when i had a mc last yr they left some of the placenta in and the next day after i had my baby removed, i got the worsed pains in my belly,and was on the floor with a pillow in my mouth in agony, i had to have a ambulance to hospical and the doctors told me that how contraction would feel like, so i have a little idea of what lies ahead but 100 times worse!!!!



  • Hi Hayley feeling much the same as you really. Excited at meeting lo but also terrified that I can't do it, so to speak! Hoping that I have a labour like my mum did with me, 1 1/2 hours start to finish!!! Not bad for her first. I want a water birth and just know that the pool won't be available when my time comes! Tammi xxx
    29.3 weeks
  • yeh i want a water birth too, my hostpical has only one big birthing bath(not pool) so im just hoping it be avaliable when i go in.
    god that was quick,hope mines something like that lol xxxxx
  • im pretty nervous now but im fed up of feeling soreand want it over with too even thought lo isnt ready. i can take 2 and a bit more weeks of this and thats it lol. my ribs hurt constantly cos baby is pressing on them my back is killing me, i'm short of breath and have constant heartburn. roll on may 2nd
  • I'm excited! this is number 3 and i cant wait for it to start. i know that its agony and i know it can be horrible but labour is still such a great thing, i count myself lucky that i have the option to push my baby into the world, some people have no choice and have to have a c-section. that stops me being worried. XX

  • I'm really scared. I had a horrible horrible labour with my first and I'm so frightend of going through it again. I know lots of things will have changed this time like I'll have my husband with me and I'm older and my body has been through it once before but I'm just so scared. I keep talking to my midwife about it and she's pretty insensitive, she just says that all mums have to do it and just get on with it, and shes right lol. I'm really dreading it, but I know it'll be worth it.
  • If it makes you feel better my first was horrendous, and very very long. i was scared to death about my second but it was the most fantastic 1 hour long labour ever! goodluck! XX


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